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Zaun Bhana

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Our expert today is a technical and IT expert, who is one of the best communicators I know in his field. He is a natural communicator; can do it in workshops, with clients, on the stage as a keynote or in the media.

Zaun Bhana is the Managing Director of Leap Consulting and he has been working on the delivery of his expertise in media now for over four years. His natural ability with the spoken word and comfort in front of the camera is quite inspiring for any expert. His natural character comes out in this podcast and the humour is flying. He ticks all the boxes that media are looking for in an expert.

The digital world is here to stay. In this podcast Zaun shared that he is currently hiring staff, and highlighted the written and a communications element in this process. It is recognised that you can have outstanding skills but if you can’t communicate you are not going to be an asset to the business. Another skill is the ability to tell a story. An anecdote or an example is what all experts need to have in their arsenal and Zaun has a story for everything!

“There is an easy default in talking technology by either wowing people or scaring people.”

One of the great fears that many in most industries face is what their colleagues in said industry might think or say about them. This rings true and Nic has a little rant and fires-up for all that are scared. You will enjoy the pump and it is a message for everyone, not just those working in technology or IT. The fear doesn’t sit with Zaun and that’s why he is one of the best.


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