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Oliver Peterson – 6PR Perth Live

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The first of the media interviews in this series of The Experts podcast is with 6PR Perth Live’s host Oliver Peterson.

Oliver is a new breed of talk radio broadcasters, being the youngest metro talk radio host in the country. He also has broad experience in TV and print, but his passion for radio eclipses the others.

In this interview Oly, gives us an insight into how he chooses which stories to cover and how he covers them. He’s looking for stories that can start a conversation or that can provide a fresh angle on the news of the day. He always puts his audience first, and believes local stories that reflect what’s happening in people’s lives have the most impact.

Oly’s main piece of advice for any expert is to be on topic! Start with your expertise, showcase it and put in your best performance.

You can catch Oliver each weekday on Perth Live from 3pm to 6pm on Radio 6PR.



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