#MeetTheMedia is Australia’s leading media introduction event. It’s designed to bring the decision-makers of media together with the experts and leaders of industry to better understand each other. It’s where we get to meet the Senior Producers, Editors, Chiefs of Staff, Presenters and Journalists who are the gatekeepers of their mediums. You’ll hear about the pressures they’re under, what makes them tick and what they look for in a story. No hidden agendas, no holding back!

#MeetTheMedia will give you a better understanding of the media cycle. You’ll learn how best to pitch a story, the preferred way to contact your desired media, what the media expect from you and what you can expect from the media. Like anything, if you understand the playing conditions, you can adjust your approach accordingly.

This event, now in it’s 4th year, is ideal for business owners, expert commentators and authorities from all specialty sectors. It also suits those from the fields of communications, public relations, brand management and media relations.

There’ll be media attending from Australia’s leading outlets. You’ll hear from the media and have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face. There will be two panels, followed by workshop sessions where you will make some authentic media connections.

This is a game-changer for any business or organisation that is looking to make an impact in the contemporary media world. You really shouldn’t miss out on #MeetTheMedia.

Upcoming #MeetTheMedia Dates:

SydneyTuesday 21 May, 2019 (8.30am – 1pm)

MelbourneThursday 23 May 2019 (8.30am – 1pm)

Tickets for #MeetTheMedia are on sale via Eventbrite (click the links above)


Here is what our attendees have had to say:

“Thanks Nic and the team at #MeetTheMedia. What an incredible opportunity to be interviewed by the Today Show – I now have 6 radio interviews also lined up over the next few days as a result of attending #MeetTheMedia, and further opportunities coming. Well worth it! Tip: bring a prop – my spare brain helped a lot!” Kristen Hansen

“#MeetTheMedia was not only a fun and thought-provoking day but a real turning point for KidsCo.  The advice from the media was priceless and the one-on-one time with them presented an opportunity to personally tell our story to the key decision makers in media.  This contributed to KidsCo receiving national coverage on platforms such as The Project!” Adrian Rokman, Managing Director, KidsCo Australia.

” Attending #MeetTheMedia in Melbourne was a money-can’t-buy opportunity.  I pitched my story multiple times and gained feedback from the media experts and also other attendees.  Directly from the event I have already been on Channel 9 National News, Radio and I’ve done a podcast with Alan Kohler on ‘Talking Business Qantas Radio’.  Brenda Keane, Founder & Director, BeKeane Healthy and Fit.

“A big big thank you to the Media Stable team for putting on the incredible #MeetTheMedia event in Sydney on Tuesday.  Both myself and Simone attended and thought it was truly invaluable.” Kate Doube & Simone Allan, Mondo Search.

“As a member of Media Stable, I took the opportunity to attend #MeetTheMedia 2017 in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne – all three exceeded my expectations. The insights I gained from the media at #MeetTheMedia were incredibly valuable, both as a general media commentator and also for my business.  Thoroughly recommend this event to anyone inside or outside the Media Stable community.” Lanna Hill, Director, One Small Step Business Coaching.


Here’s what the media involved had to say:

“I’ve taken part in a number of media training events before, but this was by far the most intensely interactive one I’ve been involved with.  It was terrific to meet everyone there.  Thanks for the opportunity Nic!”  Matthew Pantelis, News Director, FIVEaa, Nova Entertainment.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in Thursday’s #MeetTheMedia event.  It was terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting those attending.  I’m already talking about possible interviews on Studio 10 … I think it was the best one ever!”  Kelly Shepherd, Chief of Staff, Studio 10.

“Was a great event – thought the smaller audience worked well, as we had more time to get to know attendees.” Julie-Anne Sprague, Deputy Editor, Companies & Markets, The Australian Financial Review.

“Thanks so much for having me at #MeetTheMedia.  I had a wonderful time.” Alyssa Allen, Executive Producer, Drive with Tom Elliott, 3AW.

“Thank you for having me at #MeetTheMedia.  Another really enjoyable event, and so well organised.” Kristy Mayr, Reporter / Assistant Chief of Staff, Seven News.

“Thanks again for having me at #MeetTheMedia, really enjoyed it.” Mathew Dunckley, Editor, Business Day, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.