#MeetTheMedia is Australia’s leading media engagement and introduction event. It’s designed to bring the decision-makers of media together with the experts and leaders of industry to better understand each other. It’s where we get to meet the Senior Producers, Editors, Chiefs of Staff, Presenters and Journalists who are the gatekeepers of their mediums. You’ll hear about the pressures they’re under, what they look for in a story and how best to pitch directly to them. No hidden agendas, no holding back!

#MeetTheMedia will give you a better understanding of the media cycle. You’ll learn what’s needed for a good pitch, the preferred way to contact your desired media, what the media expect from you as an expert, as well as what you can expect from the media. Like anything, if you understand the playing conditions you can adjust your approach accordingly.

This event, now in it’s 9th year, is ideal for business owners, expert commentators and authorities from all specialty sectors. It also suits those from the fields of communications, public relations, brand management and media relations. A selection of outstanding media from leading outlets will be in attendance. You will hear from them, meet them and pitch your expertise or a story to them.

There will be two Q&A panel sessions followed several workshop sessions where you’ll make some authentic personal media connections. #MeetTheMedia is a game-changer for any business or organisation that is looking to make an impact in the contemporary media world.  We look forward to seeing you there!


#MeetTheMedia Perth – Thursday 9 May 2024 @ The Australian Institute of Management WA  Tickets available here

Media line-up is:

  • Ray Kuka – Director of News, 7 News
  • Oliver Peterson – Perth Live Drive Presenter, 6PR
  • Simone Luker – Executive Producer, 9 News 5pm
  • Neil Smith – Chief of Staff, 10 News
  • Sean Cowan – Managing Editor, WA Business News
  • Mark Gibson – Breakfast Presenter, ABC Radio
  • Emma Young – Digital Producer/Sub Editor, WA Today
  • Adrian Rauso – Resources Reporter (Editorial), The West Australian


#MeetTheMedia Melbourne – Tuesday 27 August 2024 @ Mic Drop South Melbourne Tickets available here

Media line-up to be announced soon.


#MeetTheMedia Sydney – Thursday 24 October 2024 @ The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia  Tickets available here

Media line-up to be announced soon.


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