• Media Stable have their finger on the Media pulse and are my go-to directory for experts that we engage for commercial radio. A highly professional and wonderful team to work with.

    Janine Chatfield Executive Producer, Mix 94.5 Perth (Hit network)
  • Nic and the team are great media operators, and they're friendly! An endless resource of talent covering a broad range of issues.

    Emily White Content Manager, 6PR
  • I started my media journey by attending the amazing Media Stable #Meetthemedia event. The opportunity to be directly in front of Perth's media got me great contacts and got my foot in the door. This resulted in some media appearances. However, after joining Media Stable as one of their Premium Experts, I was able to expand my media presence nationally - from 2GB in Sydney, ABC in Qld, radio in the Northern Territory, The West Australian and most recently as a Finance expert on Channel 9 in Perth. Having the support and guidance of Media Stable has taught me the best way to approach media. Their knowledge of the best way to frame my pitches, and the right people to contact, means I have media contact on about every idea I pitch. The media trust Media Stable so as a Media Stable Expert, we are trusted. Fully endorse the amazing work of Media Stable. Michelle Maynard an Accountant and Director with Carbon Group tells us why she is with Media Stable.

    Michelle Maynard Accountant, Partner at Carbon Group
  • They're great people, got excellent contacts and have loads of ideas. If you're looking to engage with media - whether you've had experience or not - it's the place to go.

    Tim McMillan Presenter, Channel Seven Perth
  • Great option for media who are after knowledgeable, confident experts on a range of topics. Thanks Nic & team.

    Kate Stevenson Executive Producer, 3AW Breakfast with Ross and John
  • I joined Media Stable to connect to ramp up my connections with the media. It worked! I am now regularly in touch with print, radio and television outlets. Thank you Media Stable!

    Professor Gary Martin Workplace Expert & CEO, Australian Institute of Management, WA
  • It's been a pleasure and privilege to witness the respect and authority that Nic Hayes and his team at Media Stable command from all aspects of the media industry (television, radio and print). Being known as a Media Stable Premium Expert has opened doors, windows and avenues I didn't even know about over the past year, allowing me a wider media exposure to present and articulate my field of knowledge to the masses. Having had significant media exposure and experience prior to joining Media Stable, I have found the difference in being backed by the Media Stable brand has afforded me two-fold credibility - firstly as an expert commentator in my field, but secondly being a 'preferred choice' in media assignments due to Media Stable's reputation of professionalism and excellence. Sam Jackson one of Australia's leading Health Coaches tells us why she is with Media Stable.

    Samantha Jackson Health Coach
  • Media Stable have been a supportive, responsive, proactive and helpful driver of my positioning in the media. Their advice is always generous, thoughtful and tailored to my individual goals. I recommend them to anyone who has an important message to deliver.

    Adam Voigt Adam Voigt Education Solutions
  • I have been with Media Stable for nearly 5 years and worth every cent. Commit to it, build your brand and get a reputation that your clients respect.

    Scott Haywood TheFinanceGuru.com.au
  • I've been with Media Stable since early in its establishment. Always worthwhile and the team are excellent collaborators. Worth the investment!

    Nicolle Jenkins Managing Director at The Hub Marketing Communications
  • I've been a member of Media Stable for 10 months now and am so glad I joined! I had initial hesitation in whether I was the right fit for the media and whether they were the right fit for me but wow what an experience it has been and I can't wait to see what's next! The whole concept of trusting in experts in their field is the exact reason I work with Nic and the team. They are experts in their field of engaging media, knowing what they are looking for and how to interact with them. I would highly recommend the Media Stable team to anyone that is wanting to share their skills and message through the media.

    Amy Jacobson Human Behaviour expert
  • Media Stable are the go-to team if you want to get the right national connections to be in the media as an expert in your field. Their ideas and expertise will assist you to get unparalleled coverage and hone your message and presence. Highly recommend.

    Sarah Colligan Profiler PR
  • The Media Stable team have helped us achieve some incredible media coverage, just genius! Thank you Nic, John & Lucy for helping us spread the word about what we do.

    Graham Francis SwanCare Group
  • Amazing group and Amazing people - who provide guidance and ideas to get you in front of the media outlets. A big thank you and shout out to Suzi O'Dell for her care and consideration that goes beyond the professional bounds.

    Joanne Love Behavioural & Mindset Performance Expert
  • One of the best decisions I've made was joining Media Stable. Talent, education and expertise with support and access, all while feeling like I'm part of a community.

    Dave Clare Leadership Practitioner
  • GREAT value for money. In less than a year with Media Stable I've been on the Today Show 3 times, been in the AFR and SMH and have done I don't know how many radio interviews. Nic and his team knows their stuff and really care.

    Kim Seeling Smith Leading Future/Now of Work Expert
  • I would highly recommend anyone who wants to boost their profile in the media to join up with Media Stable. Their team of experts are brilliant at helping you to maximise your profile and get in front of the right media for your business.

    Roger Simpson CEO, The Retail Solution
  • I joined Media Stable as a Premium Expert and have expanded my media presence nationally across print, radio and TV. I have been able to share my expertise on Today Tonight, 94.5fm, 96fm, 2GB, Triple M, 6PR, The Sydney Herald, Nine Honey, The West Australian, The Sunday Times and others. I would highly recommend Media Stable and their amazing team who provide wonderful support and genuine expertise in all-things media. Highly professional, knowledgable and encouraging. Thank you, Nic, John, Suzi, Emily, Lanna and Raquel.

    Debbie Rivers Dating/Relationship Expert
  • I’ve been working with the Media Stable team for many years and their connections, media knowledge and support throughout this time have been so valuable in my business journey. I highly recommend them.

    Marny Lishman Health & Community Psychologist
  • The team at Media Stable are experienced, committed and connected. No one knows the media like they do so their advice is targeted to building your media profile and presence in a way that uniquely reflects your expertise and skills. If you are prepared to listen and learn then be prepared to be very busy. Besides learning to gift wrap, it's the best thing I've ever done.

    Vivienne Anthon The Daily Wrap
  • I have been with Media Stable for 12 months. They have been fabulous - both for their networks which are great, but as importantly - for their support and encouragement and mentoring. Thoroughly recommend them.

    Tammy Tansley Workplace Culture and Leadership Expert
  • Media Stable are far more than just a media or publicity agent, they are a partner in your business. All of the team are truly invested in each experts vision and goals for their business. I work with the team to craft and deliver messages to the media that support my values and my brand. And the media picks them up. The advice I receive from Media Stable has all the knowledge and weight of their combined decades in the media along with true heart and sincere care for their clients and their stories. I simply wouldn't be without them.

    Kirsty Milligan Stylist & Corporate Image Specialist