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Tim Collins – Aviation Expert

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I’m am not sure that there’s a topic that the media and we as consumers are more fascinated by than aviation.

As an industry it has it all – excitement, romance, leisure, safety, business and it’s the great connector of people and cultures.

Qualified aviation experts are in short supply and we often get media requests for experts in this field. Tim Collins isn’t a journalist or an employee of an airline. He is a pilot of 40 years and is now an aviation consultant to the industry.

One of Tim’s talents is that he can tell a story or analyse a situation from his first-hand, real life perspective, calling on his own aviation skills and knowledge. His other talent is the ability to make the complex, easy to understand.  In our chat he’s discusses his career and reveals that he had the responsibility of flying a very well-known Prime Minister around during an election campaign.

Tim advice for being an expert is to not sit back, but to put yourself out there. Its good advice.

You can find Tim www.upstream-aviation.com


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