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Meg Coffey – Social Media Expert

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A lot of social media experts don’t get it right according to Meg Coffey and we agree. Many are just not doing their research or interpreting trends correctly.

We dive deeply into the strategy behind working with social media. In Meg’s opinion, all comes to audience and what they want. Very like the strategy of traditional media.

Meg has never been shy to present an opinion or take a position. Why she does it is a great lesson for any budding expert. As Meg gets older she is very comfortable within herself and is not afraid to rock the boat. She says, “You don’t have to like me you just have to work with me”. This confidence and this strategy is one that works very well for her personal and business brand.

We also get to catch up on the latest from State of Social, Meg’s event that is quickly gaining a reputation as the leading digital conference in the Asia Pacific region.

This is a really fascinating chat with one of Australia’s best social media commentators.

You can find Meg here: https://coffeyandtea.com/

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