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Will Schofield

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The pathway of a broadcaster and a media personality can be varied. The most general source of a radio talkback host or someone heading down that path is a journalist from print, TV or online. There might be a few lawyers or even reality TV stars. AFL footballers aren’t generally the source from which broadcasters are derived unless they are reporting on sport, but this former AFL Premiership player has something special about him. He is intelligent, genuinely inquisitive, doesn’t take himself too serious and really is a good bloke. You will get a lot from listening to this podcaster and broadcaster tell his story.

Will Schofield is a recently retired West Coast Eagles player with a passion for storytelling. His enthusiasm and energy for media is one that many from his industry wouldn’t really celebrate particularly from an early age or early in your career. Will has a reputation for his honesty and speaking his mind. It’s quite refreshing particularly as the AFL industry generally trains their employees to deliver the standard responses. You won’t see a lot of footballers that would be able to do what he is doing. Will puts it down to his parents’ upbringing, conversing with older brothers, and a work ethic that meant he was working for free when he didn’t need to.

One of the interesting discoveries in the podcast is the influence that recently passed ABC broadcaster Russell Woolf had on him. The power of listening to the questions and the interviewees. The skills that he has been able to take from being an elite athlete to broadcasting has been a big influence. Will also believes that because media isn’t something that he has been a big part of until recently that he isn’t restricted by the protocols or the expectations of a traditional broadcaster. This broadcaster won’t be told what he can and can’t say.

“Footy and media is the same… the closest feeling I have got to playing football is working in the media.”

The podcast that is getting a lot of interest and people listening is Back Chat. Real sports insight into the sporting stars around the globe. Asking the right questions and being able to get behind the scenes and ask the questions that audiences and sports lovers want to know. The Andrew Bogut podcast was a classic example of an interview that started awkward and difficult but then opened to an entertaining and informative chat. Will has a big future in broadcasting and his style will resonate with the audiences of today and tomorrow.


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