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Vivian Anthon

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There are very few experts that can read a room and make every media engagement their own like our next guest on the Experts Podcast. The ability to be flexible, to be in the moment and to think on your feet is critical for experts from all fields when being asked to contribute to the media. We have a real SHOWWOMAN in the studios today and I don’t mean the theatre or circus type I mean someone that has the ability to capture the moment and deliver to an audience.

Vivienne Anthon is a Management Consultant, a Facilitator and Gift Wrapping Expert. Yes.. we said Gift Wrapping Expert and this woman owns her space and more. You might remember Viv not long ago being a regular on Channel 10 Studio 10 morning show. Her antics with Denise ‘Ding Dong’ Drysdale were hilarious which even resulted in her being a presenter over the summer period. Viv read the room, respected her role, opened herself up and delivered her true and authentic self.

There is such great advice from this consummate professional for all up and coming experts working with the media. The one that resonated home was that it doesn’t matter how you got there take advantage of the moment and own it. Viv isn’t precious about ego or anything like that and knows that not everyone is going to gel with her and that’s OK. Viv’s ability though to touch and reach an audience through the media is a talent that we can all learn from.

Even her ability to touch Nic when referring to their first chat before coming onto the Media Stable platform touched both presenters as she recalled the need for joy in the media. News and media can be terribly negative, but it doesn’t have to be always. There is no chance that you can be feeling blue after catching up with Viv. This is a must listen for those who need a little extra encouragement to be themselves, enjoy their media engagements and own the moment.

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