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Troy Holmes

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What if you are trying to get awareness for an event? Trying to make a day out for the family in the media? Trying to get the third most popular pet in the world a moment in the media. It’s not easily done without the right help and support but when you can pitch a story that is relevant to the media’s audience you will be a hit. Our next guest is the President of the South Australia Budgerigar Association, and he is a breeder, owner, and ‘budgie’ enthusiast.

Troy Holmes is a robotics expert by trade, but his hobby and passion is budgerigars. We start off the podcast discussing his negative experience with media a long time ago when it came to a valuation of his business. The experience was aggressive, intrusive, and not particularly nice. This far too common for many businesses and it could have been a major roadblock if Troy wasn’t able to put that aside to promote his upcoming event “Budgie Fest”.

Nic and Carmen talk to Troy about his amazing ‘earned media’ success and walk through some of the hits that he got. Everything from getting David Penberthy of Fiveaa Breakfast on the judges’ couch to doing a cross from the Qantas Lounge toilet to Mix 102.3 Ali Clarke Breakfast Show. The media interest was enormous and the major hook for the story was the unique quirkiness and the ‘family friendly’ element. The biggest hook in the end was the natural character of Troy and the way he has engaged with media.

It is a great reminder to all experts and business owners that you can attract media and amplify stories if you pitch the story with audiences in mind. The other big asset you have is that the story is family friendly, it is personal, it is a real human story that connects. The website engagement on the Budgerigar Association after the Ali Clarke Show went through the roof. Previous attempts to get people interested saw 52 people tun up to an event. Budgie Fest had over 800 people walk through the doors because of a successful media campaign and Troy’s determination to make this event known.

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