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Trent Fleskens

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An expert on a mission!

This week our featured guest on The Experts Podcast is a pretty serious fellow. From the minute this property and real estate expert came onto the scene a few years ago he had a very clear mission and a message that he wanted to get out; Educating the public on the realities and traps in the property and home markets for investors and first homeowners. When you hear the backstory of Trent’s self-made success you’ll understand where the fire comes from and just how passionate he is on making a difference and leaving a legacy.

Trent Fleskens is the Managing Director of Strategic Property Group and Strategic Settlements, and Host of The Perth Property Show. A full-service property advisory firm that doesn’t fall for the hype and bells and whistles of the larger property development and sales firms but instead always has the client in mind. This is his mission and he has had some amazing success in sharing his views across TV, radio, print and online.

Trent is a perfectionist, and this is evident not only in his own podcast but all his media engagements. You can tell he enjoyed the relaxed, educational, and sometimes entertaining elements of his chat on The Experts Podcast. When you always try to deliver your best you can also be your own worst critic, and this is something that Trent has certainly started to relax. His appetite to deliver well has helped him to keep improving in his media engagements.

Like any industry there are pitfalls and hurdles that will trip you up if you don’t do your research, due diligence and homework. When you invest in an expert like Trent, your savings are not just thousands but tens and hundreds of thousands. A responsibility that Trent takes very seriously.

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