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Tim Reid

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Chances are you have listened to one of the 530+ podcasts that our next guest has produced over the last decade. It is called Small Business Big Marketing and he has been a trailblazer when it comes to commercializing and building a business around a podcast. He accidently fell into the business and really had no big aspirations from the outset. Twelve years on he has created one of the most downloaded podcasts with an array of guests.

Tim “Timbo” Reid brings an energy and enthusiasm to everything he does from professional speaking, podcasting, keynotes, and workshops. He also casts quite the shadow not just on other experts in his space because the man is as tall as a mountain. You will hear very early on in the podcast that Tim enjoys what he does and likes to have fun. There is also a wealth of knowledge that he brings to the table from a professional marketer and broadcaster perspective. He has interviewed just about everyone. Well 539 different people anyway.

“When you listen to SBBM you will be educated around marketing, but you will also be entertained. I can combine both and have been able to find that little sweet spot.”

Throughout the podcast Tim is dropping high-end advice not just for those looking to or considering podcasting but also the art of storytelling. He has mastered the ability to tell a story and you will hear some wonderful stories and yarns that connect with the message that he has. He is at the cutting edge when it comes to creating content, content marketing, and marketing in general and he is a must listen to each week to keep focused on developing your business.

It is not surprising that Nico and Lanna walked away with smiles on their faces after catching up with Timbo. A lot of the information that he shared had been already been actioned as far as #TheExpertsPodcast goes but we also knew that we had a lot more to learn. That is what was really inspiring by Tim’s interview was that he was raw and honest and still has a passion to learn. A real insight to a successful podcast and what it takes both as a host and talent.

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