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Tim Gossage

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Larger than life and taller than average!

There aren’t too many figures in media that are as big as Tim Gossage and I mean that both figuratively and in his size. He is a very tall man who doesn’t like wearing socks! Tim is so ahead of his time that he was going sock-less decades before millennials and hipsters who apparently have a dislike for socks when wearing a suit or pants!

Tim finished up a 30 year relationship with Channel 10 on Friday the 11th of September 2020. He spent 10 years of that on the road as a journalist and 20 years behind the desk presenting the sports news. It was emotional and hard for Tim to express how he was really feeling as we recorded this podcast just four days after the end of his Channel 10 TV career so the feeling was still very raw.  He handled the sign off gracefully, but both Lanna and I could see the pain and hurt he was feeling.

That all said, he has a little catch cry now that has become a hashtag #NotRetiring. It would be hard to see this man ever retiring as those that know him refer to his enthusiasm and passion to that of an ‘Energiser bunny’. Lanna and I dived deep into his interaction with the audience and his use of social media. A man that has been well known to throw the hook and line out there which always catches a few poor souls who are not used to his sense of humour. We talked about his favourites, his love of live auctions and where to from here? He will not be running for Lord Mayor of Perth!

A key takeaway is that we are too often living in the now with our content and expertise when dealing with media. There is media out there like Tim that have ridden the highs and lows for thirty years. It is more than just an engagement; it is a life’s work. While Tim will come across a little disenchanted with media currently you can see that even though this chapter might has closed, there is still a lot more to this novel that is ‘Tim Gossage’.

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