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The 2023 media landscape report

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There is without doubt the more you know about an industry the better you are going to be able to engage it. The Medianet 2023 Media Landscape Report is out and there are some really interesting responses back from journalists and PR professionals. Over 1000 media personnel were in the pool of this research and the findings will educate, inform and encourage communicators to be better at their jobs by being more aware of how media is thinking and working.

Amrita Sidhu is the Managing Director of Medianet and delivers some of the key findings from the media’s responses to finding out what is happening in their industry. How are they coping? What are they worried about? What concerns them? What are they looking for from a story and the content delivered to them? So much GOLD intelligence for anyone looking to influence the media landscape.

The most frightening discovery from the report that took both Nic and Carmen back was that close to 100% of journalists stopped or held back on a story because of fear. The fear of ending up in court or being sued stopped them from covering a story. This just didn’t sit well that journalists feared holding governments, business, and organisations to account because of legal action. This is simply outrageous because we expect a free and unhindered press for a functioning society. Is that because journalists didn’t feel supported by their media houses or is that we the community are just too litigious.

While this podcast only dives into the journalist data the report also tackles the challenges that the communications and public relations teams have experienced in the last twelve months. This will be addressed in another podcast at a later time but for now just digest this amazing piece of content and analysis. If you can be more empathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable about the media industry then you are going to be a better communicator.


The Experts powered by Media Stable · Amrita Sidhu from Medianet presents the 2023 Media Landscape Report


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