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Tania Cecconi

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Both Lanna and Nic wanted to continue the theme of equality and the push to understanding gender diversity. Having discussed diversity in the media it was very important to bring it to a business and a corporate level and get a feel as to how we are going. This is not a man hating or feminist podcast where we smash the male kind. No, it is a very intelligent conversation and one that has been brewing for a while and never has there been a better moment to really do something about it.

Tania Cecconi is the executive officer for CEOs for Gender Equality and a woman that has never really identified herself as a feminist. Her experience as an executive in the public sector has set her up beautifully to educate and drive equality in a way that is measured, intelligent and in cooperation with the corporate world. Tania talks about her upbringing from migrant parents being a great staging ground for diversity, acceptance and values that motivates this business leader and changemaker.

You could be easily forgiven thinking that this podcast would be full of one-liners like ‘quotas, gender pay gap, glass ceiling’ and the like. One or two might have got mentioned in passing but certainly was not the focus. The discussion concentrates on the mindset of those that see gender improvements in the workforce and those that are looking to make their business more productive and profitable. It is not about quotas it is about good business. It is about maximising your reach and connection to the very decision makers that are making significant transactions. That is women.

Interestingly talkback radio was identified as the greatest challenge for Tania when it came to working with media. A medium that she speaks with such authority and does not mince her words. It is quickly noted by the team that she might look to reconsider that as her delivery in the longer form pieces allow for some of these very important discussions to be aired. A wonderful chat that is not only timely but with Tania at the helm will certainly turn to action.


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