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Sue Parker

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For the first time in The Experts podcast history, we had the dump button ready for this forthright and passionate expert that lives and breathes LinkedIn. We are liberal with our language but when you get to know our expert well there is no filter. That is why she is a sought out expert in the media when it comes to this professional platform for employees and employers. It is not just LinkedIn though that we see her working her charm across employment, recruitment, social media, branding, and communication.

Sue Parker is from Dare Group Australia and is an advisor, trainer, and leader particularly in the field of LinkedIn. When we think of an expert that is always chasing earned media then Sue would be at the top. It is her understanding of the media cycle that makes her such an asset for the media. A majority of the stories that Sue has been quoted are the stories that she has initiated with the journalist.

There so much GOLD in this podcast on what, who and how people are performing on social media. Sue often will take three steps forward and very rarely take a step back when explaining her view and position on topics. This no BS approach from expert is quite refreshing and if there is something that is not going well Sue will call it out. Both Nic and Sue have a certain passion for calling out those who pay for fake media and pretend to promote it as ‘earned media.’ It is straight-out deception.

When we got Sue started on the hot topics there was nothing going to stop her. She is fast, fun, forthright, frantic, and fabulous. The woman is a fighter for those looking to communicate effectively and smartly. There is a lot of terrific tips for experts to avoid certain behaviours and encourage them to do more of. Without doubt the finger on the pulse approach that Sue has will make her a great ally for you and your business.

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