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Steven Brown

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There are three industry experts that media loves more than others. If you are in the financial, health, or legal space you are in the most desired space for the value they bring to audience. In this episode of The Experts podcast we talk to a self-described ‘suburban law firm’ who has a real hands-on and personal approach to all things legal. The journey of this lawyer has been one that has an interesting touch in that he works alongside his sister Jacqui. I am not sure that there are many industries that you can collaborate with a sibling and be so successful, but our next expert has worked it out.

Steven Brown is the Founding Director at law firm Lynn & Brown and been working in law for twenty-six years as a commercial lawyer. He has worked in about all the fields of law which has made him quite the media asset but there are certainly areas that he prefers to stay away from. One of the immediate characteristics you will notice quickly with Steven from start to finish of this podcast that he has an incredible business acumen and approach to the law. That is why Steven sees media and networking as an important part of the business.

“I see it as brand awareness and important to be putting yourself out there. The media works with experts and it’s a good place to be seen. Long gone are the days that a law firm just does law. We are businesses and as the business lead this is very important for me to be a part of.”

Never has there been a more unusual time during Covid for lawyers with more trial and client meetings conducted electronically but the chance of returning to this isn’t likely as we return to face-to-face and in-person trials. A shame as the system didn’t fall over because of covid and we have returned to the old way which the electronic aspects could have helped business. Steven goes on to talk about the challenges of running a law firm that has as much pressure on their workforce as any other industry. It has certainly been a time to exercise that business acumen.

The most enlightening aspect of the podcast with this ‘Legal Eagle’ is that he gets it. He understands the importance of relationships, networking, media, and marketing. Many in the legal space haven’t got there or few might have aspects mastered, but not across all of them. Lynn & Brown might not be on the ‘Terrace’ but they sure have a ‘Terrace’ feel about them.

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