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Steve Sharp

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The guest this week was scheduled in for the second half of the year, not today. There was no way that this person was going to have enough media in their portfolio to be able talk about their experiences, their feelings, their concerns, and challenges. When you are a workplace expert, and the federal government is pushing through the right to disconnect legislation then you are going to be busy taking media calls.

Steve Sharp is a culture curator and as mentioned earlier a workplace expert that has over twenty years’ experience working in BIG corporate. Steve was introduced to Media Stable by his mentor and professional speaker Amanda Stevens and has had some wild media experience in the last month. We had to get him on the podcast to talk us through the emotions, feelings, concerns and worries that Steve has experienced with this quick success.

When the government is trying to put legislation through that impacts working Australians you are going to get a reaction, and this has been big. The media is always looking for sound, direct and quality observations from the community and Steve ticked all these boxes. Radio and television came calling from the Media Board and in true Steve fashion he said YES to them all.

Steve had to work through issues of imposter syndrome, panic, fear, and to get his message right. The nature of media is that the conversation can take any direction particularly on talkback radio. The ability to stay focused, clear messaging and staying true to your values is more difficult when a microphone and camera thrusted under your nose with a national audience. He did it with flying colours and this is a great listen to those that are considering jumping in or jump out.

Steve was also an attendee of Sydney #MeetTheMedia and did beautifully presenting his expertise and making eye contact with the media. The experience of that event has certainly made it possible for him to get media traction. Understanding the media cycle and what the media is looking for has helped with his delivery of content and execution of an interview.

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