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Steve Harris

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More than an Ad man!

This communications expert has been around for quite some time and is at the top of the communications triangle. He is almost as well known as the brands he has represented over the years and many AFL football fans will know him for his former role as the Chairman of the Fremantle Football Club when they rose to their highest, reaching the AFL Grand Final.

Steve Harris is the CEO and Chairman of the Brand Agency, the largest advertising communications agency in WA with offices also in Melbourne and Auckland. He walked into the studio for this podcast with a steely determination to do what he does best. Communicate! The way we introduced Steve may have you thinking we have aged him, but nothing could be further from the truth. He is as energised, focussed and inspired as the day he walked into the world of advertising in 1989.

“Digital allows global companies into your backyard and lounge room. If they are not there now, they are on their way.”  This is a casual chat about the advertising industry, life and work during Covid-19.  When hearing about the future of communications it’s always better hearing from someone with over 20 years experience, who has had to continually change, develop, and reimagine what communications looks like.

Steve has many formidable contacts and his thumb print is on some of the biggest campaigns rolled out in WA. Steve is continually learning. When you are at the top of your game it’s a challenge to stay up there. A challenge that Steve meets head on.


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