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Steve Chandler

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The brand-new apartment building Opal Tower in Sydney has largely put property developments in the spotlight. That along with a global pandemic was going to do a lot of damage to an industry which is often referred to as the barometer of the economy. A city was only as successful as the number of cranes in the skyline. We have previously talked to buyers and investors, now its time to speak to someone who is involved in the actual construction.

Steve Chandler is the CEO of LEFTA Group, a property development consultancy service.  Steve walks us through the realities of a new build of the future where we could be working from home more often. What a new build, whether it be an apartment or a home is going to look like?  Steve has 40 years of experience which has seen him work and live through different economic and property cycles.  His media commentary is needed.

Commercial properties in a world where more people are working from home is going to be the most significant change in the property industry. Steve shares some numbers “75% of people can work from home and be productive, 20% of those that hide at work need to be managed and there is 5% that are people that need to be around other people. This great experiment of work from home is going to mean that businesses will be able to upgrade and those buildings not up to scratch are going to need to improve.

“I am always going to have an opinion on matters, I won’t share an article without my opinion supporting it.”

The conversational style of Steve is very easy to listen to and he backs it up with observations that only an experienced industry person can do. He does not talk to prop up or promote an industry or a message, he does it because he is an advisor to the full circle of property construction and development. There are some significant learnings that come from this podcast. Steve is getting pretty good at this media game.


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