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Steph Gorton

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We are talking to a business coach this week on the podcast and from the start you get the feel that this is not just any business coach. A remarkably confident, energetic, and engaging woman that knows her audience and her market but is a self-confessed ‘introvert’ that rarely likes to venture outside her home. If you are a female business owner and you do not know who our guest is, then you will be in the minority.
Steph Gorton is a business coach, an influencer, a podcaster, an entrepreneur and is telling her story today how she started her coaching business and how to scale and lead. Her backstory is quite amazing and an article in Mamamia where her vulnerability went viral was not consciously a strategic move to raise awareness, but this savvy coach knows the true human stories resonate with an audience. This is what has her people engaged in the past and it is certainly an understanding of what we are looking for that has made her a success.
Raising your profile in media and particularly social media you certainly do raise your head above the parapet to be shot at. Steph certainly is conscious of this phenomenon, and she discusses the tall poppy syndrome in Australia in comparison to that of the USA. In America you are celebrated
for any success and in Australia they just want to pull you down.
“You can change the freaking world. You have to want it, work for it, and dream it.”
The energy and the storytelling capacity of this expert is an inspiration for others to embrace. We are not encouraging you to share every vulnerable moment but be prepared to when the time and audience is right to tell more human stories. The investment you make in this space will bring you closer to your target audience and that is what we all are trying to do.

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