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Simon Creek and Murray Thornhill

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The media loves talking to lawyers and the legal fraternity because they are confident experts who always deliver professionally.  Sometimes doing media can be a challenge for lawyers, especially where where complex legal matters are discussed.   The platform is heavily monitored by their colleagues, peers and a regulator, but if you can get it right there is an amazing opportunity for legal experts to do very well in media, aiding brand recognition in a highly competitive space.

“Lawyers are great technicians not necessarily great communicators” Murray Thornhill

Simon Creek and Murray Thornhill are the owners of a full-service Perth law firm, HHG Legal Group and have been at the forefront of media in Perth over the last five years and as a result are punching well above their weight in exposure particularly when they are competing with national and global law practices. You will hear that they have a very clear mission when it comes to working with the media.

Being a legal expert in the media provides the a unique opportunity to deliver your values, build your brand and stand out from the others law firms out there.  Lanna and Nic identify that this type of expert in the professional services sector can become more human with a media profile.

The time and energy HHG Legal puts into their media engagements is part of a committed communications strategy that incorporates advertising and marketing. Media is not easy to do, but both Simon and Murray have taken the time to get to know media and formed lasting relationships ensuring they are asked back again and again. When the media starts to call you up for legal commentary and opinion you know you have made it as an expert of your industry.

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