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Shea Morrison

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Who could do with more sleep?

“Oh yes please I haven’t slept since I had children” is a story that many parents have around the country. Sleep is the third pillar of health and is as important as diet and exercise. Since we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of sleep and the effect that it has on health and wellbeing is rampant in our society.

On this episode of the Experts Podcast, Nic and Lanna are talking to sleep expert Shea Morrison, Co-founder of The Goodnight Co.  Shea is passionate about educating the world on the value of good sleep. It is so necessary for people particularly with those that don’t even know they have a sleep problem. It is a fascinating subject because everyone has been affected by sleep issues at some point in their life.  The good thing is that there are solutions.

Technology and the demands of society have been very taxing on the health of people, and this is also a major cause in the increases of stress and anxiety. These ailments seem to be the main driver behind sleep depravation in men and women. Children’s sleep expert Shea describes her beliefs as controversial, but I love the messaging around routine in that should not just apply to children but all of us. Not that controversial really, as many will support her theory.

The best way to a good sleep regime is to get up (do not snooze the alarm) and get some exercise. Get the body and mind moving then you are setting yourself up for a good day AND a good night’s sleep.

There is any wonder that all media are fascinated with this topic because we can all relate. It is that thing that we seem to take for granted when we have it and we all wish we had more of it. There is so much good advice in this podcast, and we apologise for the dad jokes that Nic shared. The one piece of advice Nic wished was a joke was no coffee before 10am. We will report back on how that is going in next week’s podcast.


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