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Sharon Box

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A human behaviour or body language expert is irresistible for media particularly when we get to digest and dissect the messaging of a politician during a federal election. It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it. The subtle body language movements can be interpreted and when we are finding out if they are telling the truth. Our next expert on the podcast cracked a record number of media engagements during the last federal election and remains in demand.

Sharon Box is the Founder and Lead Behavioral Investigator at the Mind Hush Group and joins the Experts Podcast team to talk all things body language. An expert who is relatively new to the media has had a flying start but also one that she cautiously approached and has been determined to keep her own bias out of her findings.

Sharon takes a moment to breakdown both Nic and Carmen in some of their body language quirks. This is actually quite confronting for both of them as it wasn’t planned but the feedback was very interesting and helpful. They were observations that neither of our hosts of the podcast were aware of and explained a lot about their true personality. Again, fascinating listening.

Maybe one of the greatest media tips has been given by Sharon for all those that are a little nervous when it comes to working with media. There might be a bowel movement involved. This expert has been amazing as far as early success in the media with 18 media engagements in one month across various media forums. This very focused expert is keen to stay true to herself and has a very relaxed, but deliberate strategy on working with the media. You will be hearing a lot more from Sharon in the future.

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