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Saskia Loosjes

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This media professional has a bit of a reputation for being tough and direct, which some would say you need to be working in media.  As the Executive Producer for a one-hour local news program, this podcast will uncover what motivates her and what she is looking for in a story.  The “need to know what is happening” is what drives this media professional… just listen out for the police chase story and you’ll understand!

Saskia Loosjes is the Executive Producer for the Channel Nine Perth 5PM news (recently changed from 4PM).  It is locally presented news with local experts focusing on what is happening in Perth.  The media cycle for Saskia is continually changing so her ability to identify a story, develop it and maybe even need to drop it if something bigger comes up is all part of life for an EP.

“It’s not a good industry to work in if you want to know what happens next. It’s like a merry-go-round once you get on – you are on but never in the same seat.”

Saskia shares some great advice to experts and those looking to engage media. Firstly, consume the media that you are looking to be a part of. Other quick tips include: be available; know your topic; speak like you are speaking to someone at the pub and be entertaining. This is great intel that we also thoroughly endorse.  In fact these tips are also often expressed by other media at our #MeetTheMedia events.

When we have a media representative as a guest on the Experts Podcast, we always get valuable information – they take us behind the scenes and do away with the smoke and mirrors.  Once the cloak comes down the very human element behind the cameras and microphones comes out. Saskia is a working mum, a newshound, a caring and empathetic journalist who is always looking for news stories that will inform, educate, and entertain her audience.

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