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Sarah Wells

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It has never been easier to access credit and money. Debt is cheap now, and that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. There are so many products and services that want our money. Technology is making it so simple to make purchases that you probably don’t need. The very simple rule of financial advice is one in one out. What am I prepared to give up having later in life? Very simple but very effective.

Our expert this week is money and business expert Sarah Wells. A very easy to listen to episode about a topic that people tend to avoid when it comes to their future with money. When Sarah talks, she makes saving money, debt, budgeting and all the bad habits we have in spending seem easy. Both Lanna and Nic found themselves evaluating their own behaviour throughout the podcast and that is the beauty of Sarah’s approach. She makes you want to think about your money in an engaged and enjoyable way.

One of the great findings in the podcast is the similarity between financial consulting and being a successful expert in the media. If you want to be successful with growing wealth or being a known expert, you need to be active, be present and take on responsibilities for your own future. There is no silver bullet for instant or immediate success, and it is those that want it who get it.

Sarah has a very natural approach to media, and she mentions that radio is one of her favourite mediums. You will understand why once you have listened to the podcast – she is a natural conversationalist. It does help also that her topic applies to us all. The attitude and determination of this expert is a great role model for those coming through, particularly when it comes to saying YES to a media opportunity. Have the courage to say YES and work out how you are going to do it before you go on air. Follow Sarah’s lead.

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