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Sarah Rusbatch

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There are a lot of experts featured in the media, but few are engaged like our guest this week on the Experts Podcast. The topic of ‘Grey Area Drinking’ is a one that we haven’t heard until recently. The growth and uptake of alcohol-free spirits, wine and beer across the globe has been enormous because of consumer demand. The reality around the health issues that alcohol has on our health and wellbeing is currently being amplified widely. Not to mention the hidden issues of it’s personal effect on mental health, relationships, work, family, and life. It is a hot topic in the media.

Sarah Rusbatch is a speaker, trainer, business owner of Free Sprit Company and a Grey Area drinking coach and expert. She has done a number of big ticket media appearances on radio, television, print and online media since joining Media Stable in 2021. Sarah has a very personal story to share, and it resonates well with audiences. The depth that Sarah can share her story varies depending on the media and the time allocated for the interview/segment. The longer form (e.g. podcasting) in Sarah’s case suits better for her messaging because it takes time for the listener, reader, or viewer to reflect and connect with the messages, however in a very short time Sarah has learnt how to adapt it to suit shorter segments on television and FM radio.

In this podcast Carmen and Nic get a bit caught up in the topic and find themselves reflecting on their own experiences with alcohol. Sarah is certainly not anti-alcohol or demanding of everyone to become a tee-totaller – her message is simple, you need to assess your relationship with alcohol as it might be contributing to the cause behind issues in your life. Sarah’s style of storytelling is comforting and assuring, and paired with her English accent it is always engaging. Many people struggle with alcohol. Sarah let’s us know that we’re not outcasts, we’re not alone and most importantly there are solutions.

Not all experts are able to give such a personal account of their expertise the way Sarah tells her story. Real life experience is certainly an advantage when you are communicating. The topic of alcohol resonates widely because it is so culturally ingrained in everything we do, but also because we are also now particularly focussed on our health and wellbeing. You will certainly be hearing more from Sarah in the future.

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