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Sarah Blake

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Conflict exists in every aspect of working, private and daily life. When there are human beings involved there is a high chance of conflict happening in some form. I guess in many ways it is just in our nature to fight. How we do it and the level of conflict varies greatly but also the way we deal with conflict is very subjective. We all have a different way of dealing with it and you might be surprised to hear that conflict is actually good for us.

Sarah Blake is a conflict strategist and mediator that works in just about all conflict matters except if it is family related – she stays away from this. Commercial and workplace conflict is Sarah’s forte, and it can be very complex with may people involved. In the pandemic there has been extra cause for more mediators and those that can support people who are having issues. The restrictions and the changes to life and work only amplify the issues and as a result there is a higher demand for conflict mediators.

In this podcast we noticed that Sarah has a wonderful voice tone which radiates a level of authority and expertise in her space. Her voice remains consistent in her day to day job and in her media work. It is powerful because as a listener you feel soothed, comfortable, and relaxed. It’s important to practice what you preach as a significant demonstration of your authority and how you work. This is a strong lesson to all looking to engage media – you want to be able to give a sense of how you work in any media engagement or comment you make.

Sarah’s episode is an interesting chat around conflict and while we recognise that things can escalate and get out of control you do sense that conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Conflict is good for media as it is needed for any issue to get traction or to gain momentum. As humans we aren’t going to agree on everything so it is almost inevitable that we will be in conflict. Good thing we have a good mediator in Sarah.

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