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Sara James

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Sara James is the founder of Perth Style Co and co-founder of State of Home. The real estate and styling industry has seen some massive overhauls and is by nature a volatile industry which has many factors playing a role in its ups and downs. You need as much help as you can to make that important sale or add to decision making process of your most important investment. Sara makes this work for you.

Expert with style

The experts Podcast has the pleasure of interviewing experts and media from all over the country understanding what drives them and why they do what they do. When this particular expert in focus walked through our doors, we get a sense that there is a sense humility and humbleness. The driver behind Sara doing media is more centered around her ‘Old fashioned values and customer relationships’ than to jump in front of the camera.

There is a lot of psychology, emotion and human behaviour involved in the sale of a house, which needs to be acknowledged. Sara delivers her expertise in a calm and measured way. Quite soothing and reassuring for those who are involved in the process of both selling and buying. This is also a very important attribute to any expert that is looking to engage media.

There are so many hidden messages in this podcast – from tips to sell your house to tips to be a recognised expert in your field. Invest in yourself, invest in your style, invest in your brand. Declutter the doorway, which is a metaphor for experts – don’t make it difficult for the media to contact you! Oh we love a good metaphor and the media loves a humble expert.


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