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Ryan Rampling

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If you have listened to the podcast for a while, you will worked out that there is a lot of good people in media. I am not sure that we have even had a difficult interview across our time but this one with our executive producer across radio and television was particularly good. We certainly like characters at The experts Podcast and he is no exception to the rule.

Ryan Rampling or ‘Rhino’ to some has had a very influential career in media behind the scenes as a radio producer, Television Chief of Staff and now Executive Producer on a local television program on Channel 7 Flashpoint. Nic’s last question of the podcast on “why always at the back and never at the front?” really sums up this thinking media professional. It’s in his nature, in his blood to ask questions and be inquisitive. This is what makes the job most enjoyable for him and in fact makes it more than a job. It is his life.

The very thing you notice early with Ryan is that he likes to talk, he is very comfortable communicating, and it is this skill while very much in the arsenal of other producers he will go the extra yard to make sure that he has reached that talent, expert or prospective interview know what he is trying to do. He genuinely cares on getting the very best on air and the very best from his talent.

There is a lot of good advice for all prospective experts in this podcast to work with not to mention the guidance budding producers and journalists can get from this young media veteran. There is a lot of good stories still to come out of Ryan in future years and not just the ones we mentioned. The media might be changing but good old-fashioned media and communication skills will never go out of style. If you are short on these skills reach out to Ryan as he has bucket loads of it.

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