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Rachael Ferguson

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As 2020 draws to a close some people will be limping to the line and others will look back on a very successful year. This expert was about to launch her products globally when the pandemic hit, so like any good business leader had to take a step back and re calibrate the company approach.

Rachael Ferguson is a Podiatrist and the CEO of Synxbody – a business with products designed to be additional support for your feet. A couple of Rachael’s notable accolades in recent times has been a Channel 10 Shark Tank winner (with multiple sharks making bids). More recently a Business News 40 under 40 winner along with the top gong First Amongst Equals to round out this unusual year.

“Pause, stop and reflect… and then pivot” Rachael says, and this is almost the message of the year.

This outstanding entrepreneur shares her story and how the media has played a role in building her business. The feet affect the whole body and it all starts there. Every health issue potentially starts from your ability to having healthy feet. The reason we like this is that while the focus is quite niche the application of the narrative is quite broad. This is such an important message to any expert that is looking to be successful in telling their story.

Radio and podcasting are Rachael’s preferred media. She is a self-described chatterbox who loves the longer form of communication and you will hear this in the podcast. A natural communicator with a passion for her industry which she admits isn’t the sexiest of topics, but she makes it more than interesting. The health and business stories that Rachael has are broad and deep. 2021 is going to be big year for Rachael, and she has already got her foot in the door with media.

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