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The Expert Podcast takes a different tangent this week with Carmen and Nic doing a preview of the Professional Speakers Australia Convention 2023 in Melbourne. We took this opportunity to  preview the line-up, the expectations of the event but also a chance to explore the opportunity for experts and business owners to get more involved with speaking.

The speaking industry took a massive hit with the pandemic taking its toll on people coming together and there was a shift from in-person events to putting everything online. Now we are back delivering to people and not screens Carmen is reminding speakers that there is a revenue stream still to be taken of advantage of with online. You need to be very good at it though because the expectations are high online and there is no room for mediocrity.

One of the directions that a vast majority of media experts are looking to do is getting on the speaking circuit. On the other hand there is a lot of professional speakers that are looking to get in the media. Speakers and Experts are very much aligned with their goals in that they are required to be present and ready to take up an opportunity and the stage and media is highly valued.

Being able to communicate in front of a camera is a talent that for many experts’ kind of try and in most cases will run away from the opportunity because we don’t feel we are good enough. We need to work on this skill because while Covid required us to do this we will need to be doing more of it in the future. Not just for the sake of working with media or delivering speaking opportunities but also for our own marketing and building of audience. It’s an essential form of communication that we all need to master from the CEO down.

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