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Pitching to media is an artform and you need to follow certain protocols when putting yourself forward and it is no different when pitching to podcasts. A podcast is a fantastic opportunity for you to put yourself in the mix and let them know that you are keen to jump on board. Carmen and Nic walk through their top six tips on pitching to podcasts. Not surprising its not too different to media but there are certain little tips that will help you get traction on this platform.

The power of podcasting is certainly making an impact and we know this because even the big media houses are podcasting. The reason for this is that they see that audiences aren’t always going to be there when the broadcasting is LIVE so the content needs to be available on demand by the audience. This platform is an amazing place for any expert or business owner to be seen.

The six tips that are covered in short include: Know your podcast, go niche, pitch to podcasts that are recognised, give video pitches a go, be patient, follow and comment on social media. Some of these are different to pitching to media but similar in the same breath. EGO is a very good angle to use to get on a podcast and remember flattery will get you everywhere.

To not have podcasts in your media strategy would be a major mistake for any business leader, owner, or expert. Many experts thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to have a solid conversation on a podcast. It generally isn’t rushed, there is smore time, there is greater depth in the conversation and more than often the messaging is on target. Make the effort and fine tune your pitching and you will find this a wonderful opportunity for your personal and business brand.

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