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Phil Sylvester

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While in media we can see so much is changing but there is so much that hasn’t. There are elements of communication that will remain the same forever and the very basics are never lost. Sure, the platforms are changing, the audiences have greater choice, and we are experiencing very unusual times. This week we talk to a veteran of media, a producer across radio and television. He has also dabbled in the corporate communications world which really gives this expert a well-rounded approach to communications.

Phil Sylvester is the General Manager of Media Stable based in Sydney and his pedigree of media is quite phenomenal. Having worked with some of Australia’s most influential presenters and programs he now controls the east coast region of Media Stable supported by a very capable team of journalists and engagement managers. Phil is a student of ‘earned media’ and ‘content marketing’ in fact Phil was doing it long before a term was coined for it. There is a reason why corporates and big business like to employ media people and journalists. They get communication.

From the start of the podcast Phil is filling us with content gold and you can hear the messages come out from this great storyteller. His experience and high energy and love for media is rare these days particularly from the behind-the-scenes space of an agency like Media Stable. Not short of an opinion or a position he certainly has made an incredible mark on the experts that frequent the services of Media Stable. They have benefitted with greater engagement, better pitches, and storytelling.

Even crafty communicators and teachers of media Carmen Braidwood and Nic Hayes felt like they got a good old-fashioned communications lesson from Phil.  Experience and relationships are everything in media and we get to hear from a master in this podcast. While the trends will continue to change the fundamentals of communication don’t. We must be better in this space and be careful that you don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour of those pretending that they know media and communications.


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