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Paul Chapman

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What did you say? Let me check the transcript!

When you mention media monitoring or monitoring the media you cannot help but feel is big brother listening and watching! The media intelligence industry really is one of the most crucial services that larger businesses and government use to capture the sentiment, the feel, what has been said, and perception of them from both a professional and business level.

Paul Chapman is the Managing Director of media intelligence firm mymedia and he gives us an insight to the monitoring world today. You will very quickly get the rift that Nic and Paul know each other well but so much has changed in the media monitoring and analysis world that he once shared with Paul. New and social media is on the cards for monitoring and businesses are using the content very differently.

The discussion on the government use of media monitoring is very interesting as it is as valid today as it was twenty years ago. The opposition will complain how much a government is spending monitoring the media but at the same time shoot down the government of the day for not listening to the people. It is an important measure that the government and business put in place to stay relevant and on top of the issues of the day.

Lots of topics to discuss in this interesting podcast with one of Australia’s most experienced media monitoring professional. Can small businesses do this? Is there a communications tip to getting the attention of a brand? The different measures that are in place to assess ROI on working with media. Lots to monitor and digest in this one.

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