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Olympia Kwitowski

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This week on The Experts we get a chance to speak to a 4BC Weekend presenter who has quite the media pedigree from producer, to MC, Media Trainer, to traffic reporter, to presenter she has many strings to her bow as a communicator and media personality. I got my first chance to work with this professional when she was a producer for 4BC Nights with ‘The Voice’ Walter Williams when I had a weekly segment with his program discussing media.

Olympia Kwitowski is a media tragic in that she lives and breathes it. A natural curiosity with people you will hear early on in the podcast that she wants to tell natural and authentic stories. One of her first pieces of advice and it is a good one is that there is no way you are getting hold of the questions early as this will pre-determine the conversation in advance. “No” she says, “we will make it a good chat on air.”

Olympia is a seasoned Master of Ceremonies, and her media background has prepared her for success in this space but how she gets these jobs is a reminder for all why we do media. One of those reasons is to be known but the other is to do an excellent job and you will get asked back again and this works for most industries and sectors because we trust what we know and past performance.

“No one will tell your story better than you” Olympia Kwitowski

This might be the quote of the podcast and one that resonates with both Carmen and me. We are both huge advocates for the businessowner and leadership team to get up and speak, communicate, and inform their audience and do not leave it to others. This message has been heard by the business and NFP sector and it is here to stay. A skill that we all need to work on and be brave to tell.

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