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Nikki Milne

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Nikki is exclusive, elusive, flies under the radar and is completely killing it in the marketing and PR industry.

Our expert in focus is someone that intrigues and fascinates me more than most people I have come across in recent times. Not because I had absolutely no idea who she was before her name came across my desk, but because I love the way she goes about it.

“Relationships and clients always first”.

Nikki Milne is the founder of The Perth Collective PR agency and founder of the newly launched Singlet which is a business accelerator and training course platform.  With an enormous social media following, a former hairdresser to the stars and now a communications trainer and agency owner,  Nikki works all the angles for her clients.

Nikki is a business and brand builder first, then if everything falls into place the PR element kicks in. “The client gets my 15 years’ experience of running a successful business. I am literally going to take over the business and you need to trust me that I am going to make this work” is what Nikki will say and her clients will just need to roll with it. The refreshing element here is that it is blunt, no sugar coating required.

Exclusivity has a very strong marketing appeal for many clients and Nikki enforces this with precision.

When you are disciplined to work with only those who are the right fit (and not just those with a bag of money), then you know you are being true to your brand. T

Perhaps the reason I hadn’t heard of Nikki is because she specialises in the creative, beauty + hair, retail, and hospitality industries. These areas have never been my strong point but rest assured this is Nikki’s bread and butter. With a client list that many would dream of not to mention that she takes on Australia’s Queen of PR Sweaty Betty CEO Roxy Jacenko’s clients here in Perth.

There are a few pretenders out there in this space, Nikki is not one of them. Watch out for Nikki as you will be hearing more about her in the media.

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