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Nicolle Jenkins

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What’s she selling?  I am buying.

One of the great advantages of working with experts and commentators in the media is that very often they become your friends.  Nicolle is no exception.

Nicolle Jenkins has a diverse range of expertise. The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, a small business owner, media commentator, a mum and a very successful award winning marketer.

When you ask Nicolle about why she’s involved in small business and why she’s involved in media, her response is “I do it because I love and enjoy it”. It’s this attitude that makes Nicolle stand out and you can hear in the podcast that she is passionate about what she does. It’s a great success formula for any business person and it’s surely a good recipe to have an impact in the media.

As a highly awarded professional, marketer and campaigner Nicolle’s view of media is very interesting. In her opinion the different mediums mean that ‘radio is for making friends, TV you show the emotion and print you educate’. This is a rather simple approach but highly effective when it comes to communicating a message whether it be for her personal brand or a client’s brand.

Nicolle was engaged to run a recent project for The Sheep Collective which achieved outstanding results in the media. In short, animal activists had the conversation all very one sided right up until the campaign commenced, but as it rolled out the tide turned – the media was given access to livestock export industry experts and behind-the-scenes information which gave a voice to those who had previously gone unheard.  This highly successful campaign was factual, educational and less emotionally charged. Good storytelling, great use of media with a very clear strategy.

Some fantastic advice from Jenko when dealing with hostile social media commentary, is that you need to show empathy to the person that is harsh or angry – understand they don’t always agree and respond in kind. Be measured and professional with any commentary and if that doesn’t work block them. It’s as simple as that.



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