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Nicole Jameson

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The Experts Podcast was on tour with the #MeetTheMedia program through Melbourne and Sydney and what a delight it was to see events on again in these cities. It had been two years since were in the big cities and boy it did not disappoint. Instead of Carmen and Nic talking about their findings from the event we decided to go to an attendee that went to both events and as a result, she scored a Today Show interview within a week. Quite remarkable really.

Nicole Jameson is the founder of the Darkhorse Agency and a social media expert. She attended #MeetTheMedia to expand her opportunities within media for her own personal and business purposes. Those that attend this special event are subject to so many experiences and opportunities and this was a chance to hear from Nicole on how it all played out for her.

Getting a firsthand account from an attendee makes for compelling listening as you get to understand the expectations, the challenges, the fear and the adulation of engaging and meeting the media. Nicole is a confident businessperson and a leader of her industry but pitching to media and in front of your fellow attendees can be nerve-wracking. It is that human reaction that can work in your favour because the media is looking for human stories.

This is the podcast to listen to if you did not get a chance to attend #MeetTheMedia. It is a great insight into an attendee that shared her expertise, her story, her position and as a result ended up on a national breakfast show. That connection, that meeting, that human engagement is something that will position you very well with media. Make sure that you are on the Media Stable newsletter for the coming events in 2023.

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