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Putting the “No” in November was a LinkedIn post that caught my attention earlier this month because the idea and concept seemed quite radical. No onboarding of new clients in the month of November or December for that matter by a digital marketing and social media agency Dark Horse. That’s right they just say no and it isn’t a no for long but if you want to work with them you need to come back next year. We explored the idea on The Experts Podcast.

Nicole Jameson is known to the podcast and has been on before. Her energy and attitude is infectious when it comes to delivering on marketing and communications strategies but this concept might be too much for some. No new clients are on boarded for such solid reasons that it will take off. In short the reasons that businesses are too emotional, not prepared to do the work, the agency itself is snowed under are just three of the drivers to say No.

What the podcast is able to do for business owners is give them a chance to look inward and work out if it is worth bringing on a new client so late in the year. The agency is busy working with current clients, staff are tired and looking to get to the end of the year. Saying No now but Yes later is going to be a winner for both agency and client. Many will struggle with this concept because the bottom line drives so much of business today but it really shouldn’t be at the detriment of staff and quality of work.

Nicole Jameson walks through some of the predictions for 2024 in the digital space and one prediction is going to blow your mind. Also over the summer and Xmas break Nicole gives some hot tips to get “digital fit”. There is so much businesses can do to get themselves ready for a big year ahead. You can even reach out to Nicole to get in line for next year right now. She might say No now but it will be a Yes later.

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