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Nicole Davidson

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If there is one thing that you can be assured of in this world is that there are disputes going on everywhere. If a human is involved there is sure to be conflict in some form. The need for mediation and resolution is always going to be in demand. They make such great experts for the media as they are easily able to breakdown often complex situations and explain in lay terms what is going on. Our next guest on the podcast does this very well.

Nicole Davidson is a mediator and a negotiation expert that works across many sectors. A lawyer by trade Nicole is passionate about the art of negotiation with a particular passion to see an amicable outcome. The cost and emotional benefits are there but it also comes with less stain on the legal system that Nicole believes isn’t setup for outcomes today. The traditional adversarial model with a determined winner and loser isn’t always the best result.

The negotiation style and approach that Nicole applies to her media engagements is one that many can follow her lead. The less planned and scripted interviews are the pieces of media that Nicole enjoys the most and gets better feedback from. It is such a good reminder for all experts that you are capable of thinking on your feet with subject matter that you are familiar with and its not about the Academy Award winning performance or perfect answer.

Media loves conflict and disputes because it does carry right and wrong, emotion, passion, beliefs, arguments, tears and joy. It’s these disputes because they do involve humans is what draws us in, and an audience will want to follow. The reason conflict strategists and negotiators are so valuable to media is that they often give the unbiased view and can see all arguments but at the same time come forward with a suggested resolution. It really does make for great media.

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