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Nick Barnsdall

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If there is one thing we have learned during the challenging times of the pandemic is that we, as business owners and leaders, need help! We just cannot do it all. Our guest today has built a platform which supports and mentors businesses. Our guest was not born with a silver spoon – he had to work hard for what he wanted to get out of life.  He had a very smart look and approach to turning the backstory of his life into a success story.

Our guest today is a business leader, author, and developer of businesses Nick Barnsdall. He talks about ‘the advantage of disadvantage’.

The platform Nick has created is Navig8Biz which is a support to businesses to build longevity and greater success.

We love a great story and we also love it when quality media appearances are achieved and showcased. Hats off to Navig8Biz for their impressive use of their media assets. It is just so important that we share and publicise the media we do, so that our current connections see and our future network can find us.

There is a real energy from Nick Barnsdall and the engagement and connection is obvious in this podcast. The storytelling, the experience, the motivation, the messages, the enthusiasm is all there and is told beautifully. You can always tell when you are talking to someone that has a podcast of their own, they are far more comfortable with the medium.

You can have a look at the Navig8Biz Media Page here: https://www.navig8biz.com/media/

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