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Nick Alviani

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Does your content have talkability? Is it going to drive talkback callers to the station and get them engaged in the program is what gets our next guest on The Expert Podcast this week thinking? He is a producer with over a decade experience in a media environment that sees people move on quickly. He is a constant in an ever-changing world of media and has wonderful insights into what it takes to get a story up.

Nick Alviani is the Executive Producer for 6PR radio talkback program Perth Live. He is the gatekeeper and the manager of the Oliver Peterson program that keeps the program in order and in check for quality and consistency. You will hear in his voice that he is an avid talker and communicator that is enthusiastic about his job. When we ask Nick about his goals, he describes himself as lazy when it comes to the idea of going from producer to presenter. Which surprised both Carms and Nic.

There are some hot tips from this working producer that was prepared from the start of the podcast to share his ideas and tips on how to make it in media. He likes content that is local, time sensitive, what his audience wants, connects, is aligned with their show, is ready to go. The intelligence that Nick can deliver is what all experts and PR professionals need to know.

One of the key messages that comes from this podcast is that Nick is particularly militant on the talent being available. He loves the pitch as you could imagine but as the person responsible for the program, he wants the talent available and on time. There is so much that an expert and a PR professional can learn from this producer with experience. It is a great chat with an amusing end when Nic asked him who his preferred presenter was? He answered the question well.

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