PodCast – The Experts

Nic Hayes, Carmen Braidwood & Tamara Cook

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This is a little self-indulgent podcast with Nic being the focus after his company Media Stable recently turned 10 years old. The podcast brought in Tamara Cook from events company Known Associates who recently celebrated 15 years. Such enormous business milestones that it was a good chance for Carmen to quiz the key learnings from these two business owners.

Carmen dives deep into the mindsets, the lessons, the advice, the takeaways, the motivators, the drive to get to these key moments in your business. Very quickly we learn that there is business gold for other business owners that might feel that they are struggling or have felt the similar pressures and challenges of Nic and Tamara.

This is a really fun chat that the three business owners Carmen, Nic and Tamara who had a chance to pause and reflect on their business journey. There are many surprise responses to the biggest mistake and proud moments from both Nic and Tamara. Hiring staff, paying yourself, outside help, working in unusual times have all been challenges that all businesses have faced over their time.

There is very much a family and friendship theme for both businesses that have reached their milestone and it is this theme that is responsible for their success. It is critical for the joy, the outcomes, and results for their clients. There is fun and laughs right through the podcast and you can sense that both businesses are all about that. It does not feel like work at all.

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