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Nic Hayes & Carmen Braidwood – season review

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It’s well and truly overdue for us to do a recap. Review of the last dozen or so podcasts that both Nic and Carmen have put together in 2023. This is a chance to look back at what each got from their guests and how listeners today can benefit from going back to have a listen. 2023 has seen some wonderful guests join us and we look back at.

From gift-wrapping experts to an architect, from a chatbot professional to the Medianet MD, from a reels expert to media trainers we have seen some magnificent guests come through the studios

Ally Polishchuk – Reels expert with a media storytelling mindset
Amrita Sidhu – MD of Medianet talks through the 2023 Media Landscape Report
Amber Daines – the Sydney media trainer with an edge
Olympia Kwitowski – 4BC Presenter and an inquisitive storyteller
Viv Anthon – the gift wrapper with true character
Victoria Laurie – journalist and Women in Media founder
Mike Goldman – Storyteller and Big Brother voice and narrater
Amberlea Henriques – The Chatbot Queen
Leigh McClusky – SA media legend
Richard Miller – Marketing and Entrepreneur
Antony DiMase – Architect with an opinion
Alison Braun – the weight loss superstar

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