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In another stop and prop moment we look back at the last 14 episodes and the learnings that both Lanna and Nic captured from the experts and the media. This is the podcast to listen to get a feel for the takeaways and the highlights from each of those interviewed.

This was such a fun look back at the work our experts have done, and how that work stood out for us.  It is also a great chance to capture some of the key messages from this series of The Experts Podcast.

The experts featured this season included Michelle Maynard, Tony Eades, Adam Voigt, Nicolle Jenkins, Amy Jacobson, Nikki Milne, Marny Lishman, Dr Joe Kosterich, Kim Seeling Smith, Jason Featherby, Lisanne Iriks and Demelza Leonard.

The media that we chatted to included 3AW’s Luca Gonano and Nine’s Weekend Today Erin Bouda. These episodes are particularly wonderful as they are regulars on the #MeetTheMedia circuit and deliver such valuable advice and content for all budding experts and commentators.

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