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Nic and Lanna review last season

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Nic and Lanna take a moment to review and highlight some of the podcasts from the recent season. These are a few podcasts you might want to have a look at;

Janine Chatfield – a real standout for the team. Janine delivers so many wonderful tips for working with FM radio. This media professional delivers for her audience. This podcast even gets talked about by one of the breakfast shows here in Perth. A must listen.

Holly Ludeman – Maybe one of the most brave and inspirational campaigns we have been involved with. Holly did not set out to be an expert and voice for her industry, but she did not take a step back when it was asked of her.

Gareth Parker – A breath of fresh air and one of the most informative broadcasters on breakfast radio, and we got to speak to him 9 days into his new role. A fun chat… and Lanna is a fangirl.

Steve Harris – A big name in the communications, marketing and advertising industry that needs no introduction. He was quite generous with his observations and the future of the industry. The most downloaded of The Experts Podcast to date.

Melanie McFarlane – What a down to earth chat about the issue of immigration, visas, workforces, and international borders. Melanie has a very infectious way about her, and the banter was real and informative. An expert that will be busy over the next 18 months.

Tania Cecconi – This was such an important chat with the Executive Officer of  CEO’s for Gender Equity. The timing and the issues in the media have really been deep this year but the conversation cannot end there. Tania has a wonderful approach and attitude to her work. Great listen.

Karina Chapman – A big moment for Lanna where she got to interview someone who started by doing the Expert Registry program and is she’s now getting regular media. A fantastic expert that has managed to be very broad with her topic across love and friendship. A wonderful expert doing great things.

Dr Kathryn Shine – We generally don’t have a lot of academics on the show, but we needed to change that. Recently Kathryn did some research on why female experts are less represented in media. It is a topic that is unpacked and both media and experts can afford to listen to this one.

Sarah Wells – A finance and money expert that does not make it complicated. A natural relaxed communicator that shares her experience and knowledge which even made Lanna and Nic check their books that night. This is the perfect example of embracing and being calm with media.

Julie Adams and Lorna Cook – Our two ladies from Chemo@Home and maybe one of the most important podcasts of the season for Nic. He got emotional and political for Julie and Lorna. Which never really happens. It is a must listen for those looking to get a worthy message out.

Finally, we threw in the Media Stable Engagement Team of John Solvander and Emily Morgan. These two are very comfortable behind the scenes and away from the spotlight. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to these two.

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