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Nic and Lanna reflect on The Experts Podcast

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This revised series of The Experts podcast has been met with great interest not only from the experts we interview but also the media that we have featured.

This is a “stop and prop” moment where Lanna and I reflect on what we have learned, what has inspired us and what we all can do to perform better in the media.

A lot of people have commented that the podcast is a good mix of education, fun, banter and discovery. That is exactly the flavour we were looking to create when Lana raised the idea of rejuvenating the podcast. We genuinely love delivering this podcast because we also learn something new each time.

It does help when we have had such great talent, such as Professor Gary Martin, Samantha Jackson, Meg Coffey, Oliver Peterson, Tim Collins, Evan Broadway, Dr Katherine Iscoe, Louanne Ward, Jenna Clarke and Aaron McDonald. These people are all at the top of their game and the most inspiring theme from this series was that they themselves are continuing to learn, to improve and to master their craft.

I think you are going to enjoy hearing from the next ten experts and media as they breakdown some of the elements that have helped them succeed. If there is an expert or someone from the media that you would like to hear from then please reach out to us at info@mediastable.com.au and we will make that happen.

Last but not least; thank you to the listeners of The Experts podcast. We really do value the time you have invested in us and again thank you for the wonderful feedback.

Best, Nic and Lanna

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