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Neryl East

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Our guest is one that many leaders listen to when it comes to communicating and engaging the media. One of her other roles in this remarkably busy year of 2022 is that she happens to be the President of the Professional Speakers of Australia. A former journalist, an academic, and media trainer that engages all forms of corporates, individuals, and organisations across Australia. We have a bona fide media expert on the podcast here today.

Dr Neryl East is a credibility authority, an executive coach and global speaker that has had an enormous year with the speaking and coaching industry returning to in person events. One of the most experienced communicators in the country Neryl shares here expertise with us on what the media landscape is looking like, what it takes to engage media and what leaders need to take on as skills to increase their value in credibility, trust, and believability.

Some key characteristics that we need as leaders to possesses in communicating is warmth, authenticity, real, human connection, charisma, believability, relatability, and empathy. The days of the spin and the BS are gone and that is what media training used to be all about but that does not sit with the public anymore and this was only expediated during the pandemic.

Be a better person is the call from Carmen and something that Neryl is a big believer in with her training. Be fully present, manage your personal feelings, get in the moment, and make it your own is the advice from this communications professional. One of the other hats Neryl wears is the PSA President and we get to hear about Convention in March 2023. Amazing line-up and a big invitation to aspiring speakers to get along to with the generosity and wealth of knowledge of the contributors with the theme of Fresh.

You can find out more about the conference here:  PSA Convention 2023 – Professional Speakers Australia

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