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Natalie McGrath

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When you think about it, we have just gone through one of the greatest threats to our own well-being and health during this pandemic and there was different messaging from all the health experts. The traditional and western medicine approach was quite different to that of a naturopath for instance. This week on The Experts we talk to a naturopath and find out what it is like for them to work in the media, when challenged about their approach during this pandemic.

Natalie McGrath is a Naturopath and an Environmental Biologist that has a well-rounded approach to the health and wellness of her clients. We got a chance to talk about the approach, the care, the politics, the roadblocks, the challenges, of working as a naturopath in a time when the world is looking to get out of this health crisis. It certainly did get personal, and people turned on each other on their beliefs and actions. The media work is tough for doctors in the media and even tougher for naturopaths to be taken seriously.

Some of the great attributes of a good Naturopath is that they are good listeners, they build strong relationships, and they tend to have a little more time available to them for their patients. The modern medicine and pharmaceutical world see them as a threat they in the most are just trying to manage their patients’ ailments. They recognize both worlds of health approaches while the militant Australian Medical Association (AMA) will only recognise their means and methods for good health.

We get a chance to talk about launching a product, marketing, influencer marketing, social media, and traditional media. It is a little bit of a minefield for many health professionals as there are plenty of barriers and also there is no magic pill to educating, informing, or raising awareness around a product. Persistence has paid off for Nat and she has also got the right support which is what everyone needs really.


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