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Nadia Mitsopoulos

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One of the most influential voices on Perth radio belongs to our next guest and it has been a mighty journey for her to get to the Morning Show of the ABC. Starting her career in the early 1990s as a television journalist learned her craft in the bush of Bunbury and Albany and eventually migrated to radio as a part time producer and now has the lead job. A truly considered and thoughtful person and it was a real joy to get her backstory.

Nadia Mitsopoulos is the ABC Perth Morning Show presenter and is up and about delivering an educational and entertaining program for her listeners Monday to Friday.

“If you have an experience to share, to learn from, or a story to share then that matters”.

Nadia and her team of producers work on to find the stories that people care about. We do ask Nadia the hard question very quickly the battle between the ABC and commercial radio. The difference and the competitiveness between the two. Nadia true to form sends that one back without hesitation with what she stands for and not following others.

The tips that Nadia delivers to the team is GOLD for all experts to take on board. There is a significant difference in the style of the pitch to the ABC but mostly the same advice applies as it would to every other media. Get straight to the point, target the media, and know the audience. Like every media whether it be radio, television, print or online there is no time to mess around in your storytelling and pitches.

You will very quickly hear in the conversation that it is relaxed, fun and natural which is what Nadia delivers to her audience. There is no reference to outrage or shock that many can associate with talk radio and the team could have chatted to Nadia for hours. Unfortunately for The Experts Podcast the memory card failed with one minute to go so we lost the final sign off but there was no way that weren’t going to broadcast this insightful interview.

Sincere apologies to everyone the last minute of the show was lost due to a recording error. We contemplated doing it again, but it was one of Nic’s long sign offs so you only missed a little. Thanks for listening and Nic promises to make sure that doesn’t happen again.


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